Atlanta Publix Half Marathon — Jennifer Clark — HF #16743

Fun weekend!! Half #170 at the Publix Atlanta Marathon! This event usually runs through downtown Atlanta but was moved to the Atlanta Speedway for this one time event due to Covid-19 restrictions. I decided to do this event because it was another addition to my four other NASCAR track races.We drove into Atlanta Friday afternoon from Mississippi. We made our way down to McDonough where our hotel was located about 30 minutes from the raceway. After checking in we walked across the street to a restaurant called Taco Mac for a quick beer. We’re headed out to the Atlanta Speedway for that evening‘s 5K race. Starting outside of the large complex and going out to an outer road, we return to the Speedway after the 2nd mile. We finished the last mile inside on the track under the lights!Then it was back to the hotel and Taco Mac for dinner and local beer!The Half Marathon (and Marathon) start was at the same place as the night before. The Atlanta Track Club which puts on this event, had excellent Covid-19 protocols. Everyone was properly spaced out and started every 5 minutes in groups of 20, two lines, totaling 40. I got to start at 8:00 while it was still cool. However, in about an hour, the temperature rose and it got hot quickly. They had start times up to 10:00am!It wasn’t much of a scenic route but you knew that coming in. Starting just outside the Speedway, it wove through the parking lot, service roads and a couple of surrounding roads. The road were well manned by local law enforcement. The last 3 miles were in the Speedway itself with two loops around the track and the finish was on pit row

Overall, I thought it was well organized and executed! The only complaint was that I did not think it had enough aid stations. The Race website did state that you needed to bring your own hydration and that they would provide some hydration at two stops. However, there was no way to refill your bottle! The aid stations had their own plastic bottles and did included along with water, Powerade and Clif Shots. We enjoyed the race and especially seeing some of our old friends and making a few new ones. Unfortunately the staggered times for a start also meant we miss seeing some fellow members that were at this race.Kudos to the Atlanta Track Club. They are a top-notch organization and we would be happy to run any of their races again.

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