George Tchakanakis (MM#1333)

Today i celebrate my 12th year anniversary of qualifying and joining the Marathon Maniacs!!! Discovering running was one thing and this club lifted my passion and lifestyle to another level! I owe HUGE gratitudes to this organization as they helped boost and accelerate my passion for marathons. In addition to running all these marathons are COUNTLESS stories and memories of friendships and family adventures of travel, dining experiences (everything from fast food to countless pizzerias, to white tablecloth dining and countless ice cream and coffee shops ) lots sightseeing and touristy stuff and vacations and countless conversations with locals in literally all fifty states! The day i joined I had completed 16 career marathons, today I have 91. That may sound like a lot (and quite frankly it is) but it is nothing compared to many other members. This extreme Marathon Club is all about running as many marathons as possible without going bankrupt, getting divorced, depressed or severely injured (it’s actually a waiver that you must agree to before joining)! I am fortunate not to suffer from any of those. These three photo collages barely do it justice, barely scrapes the surface. I will forever remain a marathon maniac # 1333 with crazy ambitions for they keep me young at heart! Thank you of course our founders, Steven Yee, Chris Warren, Tony Phillippi. Also Tom Williams and Carole Ann Williams (who introduced me to the club) thank you Hideki Kinoshita Rick Thiounn Carol Goslin Larry Macon Darwin Weimer Steve Hughes Clint Burleson Wei Chen Martha Corazzini Rick Albanese Heather Amanda Morgan Cummings Patrick Finney Elaine Bickel Green Yolanda Holder Rich Holmes Troy Johnson Sue Kessler Marathon Mitch and many others who were instrumental in PUSHING MY BOUNDARIES and of course my beautiful wife Niamh Kelly for your support and understanding. Not only did I meet my wife via running I am a much better person in so many categories that have indeed manifested from my pure fervent passion for the sport of running Marathons, and am looking forward towards the future … I Love running and running Loves me…

Photo and Post Credit George Tchakanakis

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