Mississippi River Marathon — Greenville MS — Jennifer Clark HF #16743

Half #169 in the books!

Mississippi River Marathon in Greenville MS. The Half starts just across the Mississippi River on the Arkansas side… on the bridge itself.

This actually makes this race a bit unique in that you can count it as either Arkansas or Mississippi if you are a Fifty Stater!

The bridge is majestic and just over 1 1/2 miles.Once across, you have 11 miles of flat running from the bridge to downtown Greenville. As seen in one of the pictures, only in Mississippi can a Half Marathon get buzzed by a crop duster!!

Mostly Highway for the first 7 miles, the course veers off for a three mile jaunt through a nice neighborhood, complete with a rouge Aid Station with a bit more than the usual hydration!

Then it is back on the highway with the last few miles running down the older part of this Delta town to the finish!Weather was almost perfect, just cool enough to keep everyone comfortable!

Race directors, Jenn Conner and John Conner, did an excellent job making this race COVID safe with masks required at the start and finish. Runners needed to be bussed to the start and they went the extra mile by getting extra busses so that there is one seat for each runner.It was grab and go food at the finish, again meeting local COVID protocols.

A variety of food and drink including beer and Delta Tamales!The area is known for Delta Tamales, a variation of the Mexican Tamale with a definite southern twist and the race is known for always having them ready for the runners at the finish!

This year was no different! Doe’s Eat House supplied this treat! To me, this race is one of the best in Mississippi. Surrounded by the birthplace of the Blues, the Mighty Mississippi, and the home of Jim Henson and his Muppets, it is worth the trip! See y’all next year!

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